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Annual Fees – DUE 30th June 2024

Full – $80 Concession – $70

Unless fees are paid by June 30 the Association is NOT permitted to dispense products from July 1 onwards. A renewal form will be included with orders or can be emailed on request.


The ACT & Districts Stoma Association Inc. is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that operates for its members’ welfare and works to further their interests. 

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The ACT & Districts Stoma Association Inc. provides SAS access, support and assistance to people in Canberra and southern NSW who have had stomal surgery.

The Association provides stoma-related supplies to more than 1000 members and are committed to our members’ wellbeing and to helping them to lead full, independent lives.

The Association operates under the Stoma Appliance Scheme, the Australian Government program that supports people with stomas by giving them access to free, approved and clinically appropriate stoma-related products that meet their individual needs.

Becoming a member and fees

Patients are assisted in hospital by their medical team to complete the necessary paperwork to apply for the Stoma Appliance Scheme and the Association.

Annual fees apply; which gain you access to the Stoma Appliance Scheme and the free products. The annual fees are per financial year.

In hospital, your medical team will also help to complete your first order. The first order is then submitted to the Association, and should be accompanied by your postage payment. The order is processed as soon as all necessary information is received and dispatched as soon as possible.

Find out about the Stoma Appliance Scheme and your entitlements

We hold periodic social functions where members can meet their fellows, share experiences and see what new products are available.  

The Association is managed by a committee that is elected annually.

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