Becoming a member

For new ostomates in the association’s area, membership follows automatically after their initial surgery.


After surgery, a stoma therapy nurse (STN) will assess the new ostomate to choose the most suitable stoma supplies. The STN will send the association the first order for supplies, together with a completed membership application.

The association will issue a Stoma Appliance Membership Card. This is proof of your entitlement to receive supplies under the Stoma Appliance Scheme—please keep it safe.

The products that ostomates receive are supplied under a schedule approved by the Commonwealth Department of Health. There are monthly or annual allowances on the number of items a member can receive.


Products supplied under the Stoma Appliance Scheme are made available free of charge to association members.

The association charges an annual access fee of $60—the standard national fee for ostomates around Australia. This is due upon joining the Association (Not prorated) and at the start of each financial year. Concessional fees of $50 are available upon presentation of a valid Centrelink-issued Health Care or Pension Card.

You can pay your fees online by clicking here: [LINK to CBA direct pay]

You can find more information about fees and concessions here

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